October 07, 2018

DRAFT RVUSD Budget Timeline 2018-2019

DRAFT RVUSD Budget Timeline 2018-2019  DRAFT
Revised and corrected October 19, 2018 - re-posted with corrected info
Note that the date of the 2019 Annual Meeting is Feb. 12, 2019.

May 22, 2018

Goals & Measures 5/21/2018

Approved Goals and Measures

At the RVUSD Board Meeting on Monday, May 21, 2018, the members voted on and approved these Goals and Measures which the WCSU superintendent and staff are using to shape the new unified school district for Dover and Wardsboro. The new unified school district takes effect on July 1, 2019 for the School Year 2019/20.  (PRINTABLE VERSION - 1 page PDF file)

M = Measure

1. All Students demonstrate proficiency and growth
M - Local Comprehensive Assessment System results (EQS )
M - SBAC assessments (grades 3-9) (VT Accountability Plan)
M - NGSS assessments (grades 4, 8, 11) (VT Accountability Plan)
M - FitnessGram assessments (VT Accountability Plan)
M - Educational Quality Reviews (Snapshots, IFR, CIPs, Equity Index)
2. A budget that voters support and approve, justifiable to citizens, and in line to previous budgets supported by communities.
MBudget Passes
MBudget is “in line” or near previous budgets from separate districts
MBoard is prepared to explain budget to citizens

3. Families are involved
M  - Attendance at school functions, parent/teacher conferences
M  - Volunteering
M  - Parent Survey results
M  - Home School Compact

4. Board provides updated and easily accessible  information in a variety of multi-media outlets to the community
M  - Website hit counts
M  - BCTV viewing data
M  - Regular email correspondence
M  - Newsletters and Bucketville News
M  - Presence at Community Events

5. Personalized Learning Plan for Every Student
M  -By October of 2020, 5 and 6th graders will have PLP's
M  - By October of 2020, 5 and 6th graders will have student led conferences

April 04, 2018

Survey Results -J/F 2018

Survey Results - these links take you to the answers to the 5 Questions asked on the RVUSD Board's Survey, taken in January and February and at Town Meetings in 2018. The results are posted here, and also available at the Wardsboro and Dover Town Offices, and at the Wardsboro and Dover Elementary School Offices.

In all 110 people participated in the survey. But, it's not over yet! If you would like to add your comments to the results below, here are your options:

  1. Come to the next Board meeting.
  2. Send an email - it will be brought to the next Board meeting.
  3. Call a Board member.

Click on any one of the highlighted links below for the full results, tables, and graphics as small pdf files.You may freely view and download a copy. No sign in or password or registration required.

Question 1  - What best describes you?
Question 2  - What is most important to you for the new district?
Question 3 -  What is the best way to share info with you? 
Question 4 -  What would a successful transition look like to you?
Question 5 - Ask a Question - This is the list of questions people asked. (Some were comments.)                       HERE ARE THE BOARD'S ANSWERS TO Q. 5 

Brief recap --Top Answers to QUESTIONS 1 through 4 

Q.1. What best describes you?   Residents with school children 44.5%     -without 50.9%    - business owner  4.5%  For full results click link Question 1 above.

Q.2. What is most important to you for the new district? Top 3 answers were :
1.Expanding educational opportunities 51%        2. Cost savings  22.1%          3. Honoring the culture 17%  For full results click link Question 2 above.

Q.3. What is the best way to share info with you?  Top 4 answers were:
1. By Email 66.3%       2. Online (social media/webpages) 19.5%        3. By U.S. Mail 13.3%         4. In the newspapers 10.8% For full results click link Question 3 above.

Q.4. What would a successful transition look like to you? There were 71 answers to this question. For full results click link Question 4 above.
Equality, equity, more opportunities / Happy + successful students + parents / Minor disruption, open communication channels, parental input / No changes in the school plan, except a way to save money for all concerned / A transition with the least amount of impact on the students / Good communication through both boards / A thoughtful, balanced, approved budget / Not losing local control of our decision making so we can continue to develop the best school we can without "out of town" politics interfering / A successful transition would look like both schools operating as independent entities and keeping the values/ traditions/ standards that they deem important / Test scores increasing; students from both schools interacting on different occasions; teachers sharing strategies between the schools.

Q.5. - click here for the answers to the questions people asked. In all there were about 30 direct questions. Many were comments.

February 11, 2018

A Chart About Voting

This is a chart about the pros and cons of different types of voting on school budget votes, prepared by the Clerk of the RVUSD. Feb. 2018

Click here to view pdf file.

February 07, 2018

Work Plan 2018/19

Note! UPDATE TO THE WORK PLAN in progress - will be posted in mid-May 2018.

This schedule was outlined in January 2018 as the Work Plan for the RVUSD Board. It is a suggested guideline for the Board - the timeline may change as the work progresses, either more quickly or more slowly as the meetings are taking place. Residents of Dover and Wardsboro who may have a particular interest in certain aspects of the work being done for school governance unification are welcome to participate. All meetings are Open Public Meetings, by law.


Decisions and discussions on expanding educational opportunities; guiding principles for programming, curriculum alignment, program enhancements; transportation; building assessments; IB program discussions 
Ongoing discussions and interactions with Windham Central Supervisory Board, residents of Dover and Wardsboro, and RVUSD board as the Administrators begin to design the specific programs to align with the Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles developed in Dec. 2017/ Jan-Feb. 2018. Board continues to provide guidance to Administration.
Specifics from Administration presented to the Board; Board, public and Administrators work together to complete the process. There may be longer work sessions to determine: staffing; curriculum; grade structure; services; financial requirements; transportation; capital budgeting; equipment and other assets needed
Board and Administration discussions on a F/Y 2020 budget; initial preparation of the Agenda for the 2019 Annual Meeting (in Feb. 2019, to be held in Wardsboro); Secondary School Choice tuition; set dates for public informational meetings 
Public informational meetings prior to Annual School Meeting  
Annual Meeting in Wardsboro (odd years at Wardsboro; even years at Dover) 

Building assessments
Education/ Curriculum
Community Engagement