May 22, 2018

Goals & Measures 5/21/2018

Approved Goals and Measures

At the RVUSD Board Meeting on Monday, May 21, 2018, the members voted on and approved these Goals and Measures which the WCSU superintendent and staff are using to shape the new unified school district for Dover and Wardsboro. The new unified school district takes effect on July 1, 2019 for the School Year 2019/20.  (PRINTABLE VERSION - 1 page PDF file)

M = Measure

1. All Students demonstrate proficiency and growth
M - Local Comprehensive Assessment System results (EQS )
M - SBAC assessments (grades 3-9) (VT Accountability Plan)
M - NGSS assessments (grades 4, 8, 11) (VT Accountability Plan)
M - FitnessGram assessments (VT Accountability Plan)
M - Educational Quality Reviews (Snapshots, IFR, CIPs, Equity Index)
2. A budget that voters support and approve, justifiable to citizens, and in line to previous budgets supported by communities.
MBudget Passes
MBudget is “in line” or near previous budgets from separate districts
MBoard is prepared to explain budget to citizens

3. Families are involved
M  - Attendance at school functions, parent/teacher conferences
M  - Volunteering
M  - Parent Survey results
M  - Home School Compact

4. Board provides updated and easily accessible  information in a variety of multi-media outlets to the community
M  - Website hit counts
M  - BCTV viewing data
M  - Regular email correspondence
M  - Newsletters and Bucketville News
M  - Presence at Community Events

5. Personalized Learning Plan for Every Student
M  -By October of 2020, 5 and 6th graders will have PLP's
M  - By October of 2020, 5 and 6th graders will have student led conferences