February 14, 2019

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Welcome to the blogsite for the River Valleys School District Board

March 5 Town Meeting (vote on school budget
and election of new members

RVUSD "Tax Talk" - presented at the Annual Meeting on 2/12/2019 (PDF file 400KB-small)

Video - entire RVUSD Annual Meeting 2/12/2019

 Schedule of upcoming meetings
- February 25
at 7:00 PM in Dover (Budget Presentation)
- March 11 at 7:00 PM in Wardsboro
- March 18 at 7:00 PM in Dover

Generally meetings are the First Monday of each month in Wardsboro and the Third Monday in Dover. The meetings are held at the elementary schools. 

 Sample Ballot for Voting on School Budget; for Voting on Election of Board Members

The Board's 2019 Annual Report is a 12 page document -- click here. A printed color copy was mailed to voters on the Dover and Wardsboro checklists on Jan. 24. Extra copies are available at the school admin offices, the town clerks' offices, and at the RVUSD Board Meetings. Copies will be available at the Annual School Meeting on Feb. 12, 2019 in Wardsboro and at Town Meetings on March 5, 2019.
Who should attend this meeting?
Taxpayers in both towns; concerned citizens; parents of children currently enrolled in both schools; parents who will have children entering the school system in 2019; home-school parents who want to learn more about future opportunities in education in Dover and Wardsboro; members of the education community, teachers and staff.
Statement from the Chair, Rich Werner of Dover
"The Board is looking for public participation -- parents, tax payers, residents, voters, and others -- as we move forward and start to set the vision and guiding principles for the River Valleys Unified School District in the next few months, as well as in late spring or early summer when we start to discuss specific policies and procedures around transportation, educational opportunities, which building students will attend and the overall educational policies of the River Valleys Unified School District. If anyone cannot attend the meetings, public comments and questions sent by email or from the links on the Board's webpages are always greatly appreciated." 

CLICK HERE for more upcoming meeting dates.
The Board meets twice monthly. Here is the general schedule: It is subject to change, so always check this page for updates.

On the following posts and pages you will find information and links related to the work of the new Board for the unified school district.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the new unified school district
  • a link to send your own questions -- the Board welcomes your questions and suggestions!
  • notices of the next meeting - agendas, time, date, and place
  • notices of changes to meetings dates (snow dates)
  • links to the minutes of the Board meetings
  • links to the BCTV videos of the Board meetings
  • updates, notices, and ongoing activities of the Board
  • information about the RVSD Board members
  • information about the Act 46 Agreement between Dover & Wardsboro
And many more details as they come into focus.

Our Mission Statement   /  Our Vision Statement

To reach the Windham Central Supervisory Union Office WCSU - click here 
To reach the Dover Elementary School - click here
To reach the Wardsboro Elementary School - click here


Video link - RVUSD Annual Meeting 2/12/2019

Link to the BCTV video, no sign up, no sign in, no app required.

Video - entire RVUSD Annual Meeting 2/12/2019

February 13, 2019

RVUSD "Tax Talk"

RVUSD "Tax Talk" - presented at the Annual Meeting on 2/12/2019 (PDF file 400KB-small)

February 09, 2019

Sample Ballots

For Voting on the School Budget for 2019-20 on March 5, 2019
For Voting on the Election of Board Members on March 5, 2019
 SAMPLE BALLOTS - click here
Early voting and absentee voting begins Feb. 13, 2019 - Town Offices, Dover and Wardsboro