Meeting Notes from 8/6/2018

River Valley Unified School District
August 6, 2018 – notes from the meeting at Wardsboro Elem School
The list below represents the priorities in the structure of each of the RVUSD Board Members, using the June and July presentations made by WCSU Supt. William Anton as a starting point for discussion. Their responses were recorded on large sheets of paper during their round-table discussion. The indications X4 and X2, etc. indicate that more than one board member expressed similar opinions. It is evident that the Board members highlighted parts of both plans that the WCSU office presented. Neither plan was adopted because the presentation made by Wm. Anton was to open discussion on other options.

Wardsboro- Make a presentation about IB value -(X4)
Plan A- Robust Choice Policy- (X2)
Plan B- Possible two stage process for a greater change- (X2)
Respect the challenge parents face- (X2)
Plan B- Not as equitable- could be more equitable if also more expensive- (X2)
Plan A-More foreign language options-(X3)
See IB as worthwhile- (X4)
Favors more professional development- (X3)
School is a greater asset to Wardsboro- (X2)
Seek a plan that gives more opportunities- (X4)
Support change rather than staying the same-(X2)
Encourage sharing between students/ towns/ campuses- (X2)
Identity and Safety with travel – Plans must take into account- (X2)
Plan B+- New School?  Option B+ -(X2)
Combined Options A and B – (X2)